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This year, KPF continues
to support the rights
of san communities
for health, education, livelihoods, land, and language


Providing funding
for cell-phone "airtime"
to support long-distance conversations among
San organizations
during COVID lockdown
about human-rights issues in schools.


Working to support the efforts of those distributing soap and hand sanitizer to San communities in
Central Botswana and
Western Ngamiland.

Supporting the translation of Coronavirus information into a variety of southern African languages, including !Xun, Ju|'hoan,
G|ui, G||ana, and Naro.


KPF has facilitated

translations, logistical support, and fuel funding f0r the distribution of 

COVID-19 guidelines

in English and Ju|'hoansi, soap, disinfectant, washing powder, maize meal,

and schoolbooks
to Nyae Nyae communities

KPF is grateful to the Heinrich Barth Institute for Archeology and Environmental History of Africa at the University of Cologne for a grant of

500 Euros to our

Namibian internet project.

South Africa decommissioned

its Jupiter satellite in

August 2020, and KPF was enabled via Africa Online to connect to a new satellite.

This grant was arranged by Dr. Tilman Lenssen-Erz of Cologne's Africa Research Unit, Institute of Prehistoric Archaeology.

Many thanks from KPF and from N||oaq!'ae Online!

south africa

Funding access to clean drinking water for the ǂKhomani San community at Andriesvale.

Supporting African Tongue's work to translate COVID-related materials into !Xun, Khwedam, Afrikaans, and Khoekhoegowab

for communities in South Africa and Namibia.

Funding a local NGO, SASDO,
to bundle and distribute soap, masks,
and Coronavirus information to the !Xun and Khwe of Platfontein.


Monitoring the situation of the Platfontein residents

Click here for a video about the current situation there.

across southern africa

Supporting the

translation of Coronavirus information into local languages

Visit our new


page here.

KPF's English-language COVID information templates have been requested by linguists and others working with
click-speaking indigenous
Hadza and Sandawe people of Tanzania
and have been sent to them.


For the latest COVID-19 infection rates
across the continent,
access the

Johns Hopkins
COVID-19 Map



Recent Highlights...


Short Film -

"Side by Side" by Paul Weinberg and Stephen Schmidt, on community cooperation in South Africa amidst COVID-19

Document -

"The Kalahari San Today" by Robert Hitchcock


Radio Show

“What on Earth Is Going On? ...with Power, Colonialism and the San People” by Fleming Puckett and Ben Charland

Presentation -

"Coronavirus Health Care Communication in Endangered Languages of Southern Africa" by Kerry Jones and Megan Laws, in cooperation with KPF

Website -

!Khwa ttu San Cultural & Educational Centre,

South Africa

Paper -

"Endangered African Languages Featured in a Digital Collection:
The Case of the ǂKhomani San | Hugh Brody Collection"

by Jones & Muftic

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If you'd like to apply your donation

to a specific KPF project,
please e-mail us at
Thank you!

Welcome to the Kalahari Peoples Fund

The Kalahari Peoples Fund was founded in 1973 by members of the Harvard  Kalahari Research Group and has held 501(c)(3) status since 1978.  For  almost 40 years our organization has been composed of volunteer  professional anthropologists, development workers, linguists, educators and  other experts who have worked closely with these peoples and are familiar with their contemporary situations. 

Photos © 2020 Kalahari Peoples Fund

below are photos of our current projects in Nyae Nyae, Omaheke, Platfontein, and

the ǂKhomani Farms

Maun Wood-Sculpture Workshop

with sculptors from New Xade and Kacgae Village in Botswana,

supported by KPF        (June-July 2020)

In Namibia, our COVID-19 illustrated posters in English and several Kalahari languages were officially adopted by Namibia's Ministry of Health and Social Services for use throughout the country.

In South Africa, we provided COVID-19 prevention & health information to the ǂKhomani San.

In South Africa, we began supporting the translation of COVID-19 materials into !Xun and Khwedam.

In Namibia, KPF began funding the translation and dissemination of Coronavirus materials for Ju|'hoansi,
!Xun, and Himba communities in Tsumkwe, Tsumkwe West,
Na Jaqna Conservancy, and Kaokoveld.

Across Southern Africa, KPF worked with local contacts to gather information on COVID-19 infection rates in March and April, as follows:

  • Namibia - 16 infections, 10 recoveries

  • Lesotho - No COVID-19 cases
    update here)

  • Botswana - 21 active cases, 1 death,
    no recoveries

  • Zimbabwe - 23 active cases, 3 deaths,
    2 recoveries

  • Mozambique - 33 active cases,
    no deaths, 8 recoveries

  • Angola - 17 active cases, 2 deaths,
    6 recoveries

  • Zambia - 36 active cases, 3 deaths,
    more than 30 recoveries

  • Malawi - 17 active cases, 3 deaths,
    3 recoveries

  • South Africa - 2,515 active cases,
    65 deaths, and 1,055 recoveries

To combat TB (which makes San even more susceptible to COVID-19),
KPF is partnering with a group of British volunteers to fund ongoing TB treatment and research in the Nyae Nyae area of Namibia
after government funding was withdrawn in March 2020.

In South Africa, KPF received a

10,000 ZAR pledge from the

Council of the South African Archaeological Society to support our translation efforts and
pamphlet printing.

In Botswana,
KPF provided help to unemployed San workers
at Dqae Qare Game Farm, D'kar.

Prior Updates...


Our organization provides responsible information and research on the Kalahari peoples for lawyers, students, volunteers and eco-travelers interested  in Southern Africa.  We also give talks and workshops at many national and international venues to inform academia and the public about the current state of the Kalahari peoples.  


Visit this page for news from Southern Africa, recent conferences, new publications, and updates from the field.


The Kalahari Peoples Fund, a 501(c)(3) organization, relies on donations from individuals, families, businesses, and foundations. Your on-going support means a great deal to KPF and even more to the communities it serves.

Get Involved

Our volunteers respond to requests by the San, Nama, Tyua and other indigenous Kalahari communities to advocate, advise, research and fundraising for emerging situations and much needed community projects.

Kalahari Peoples Fund on Amazon Smile

For purchases on Amazon, 0.5% of the purchase price will automatically go to
the Kalahari Peoples Fund via "Amazon Smile".

The first time you go to Amazon Smile and designate KPF as your charity of choice,
it takes two clicks. After that, it is only one click each time you open your Amazon account.


Amazon will stockpile donations and send KPF a check on a quarterly basis.
Please consider this easy and effective way to donate to KPF!
Be sure to use the full spelling:  Kalahari Peoples Fund.  Thank you!

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