The Kalahari Peoples Fund, a 501(c)(3) organization, relies on donations from individuals, families, businesses, and foundations.  Your ongoing support means a great deal to KPF, and even more to the communities we serve.


KPF accepts general contributions or donations earmarked for specific projects, which go directly to the communities in southern Africa, with no overhead withdrawn.

Our office in Austin, Texas, is our indispensable base for more than ten yearly projects in education and community development for the Kalahari region.  In  recent years, we have sent more than $45,000 to $50,000 each year to the  trusted sister organizations in southern Africa with whom we run these  projects.  Donations of any amount, large or small, will be greatly appreciated.


Individuals, foundations, and corporations interested in contributing to the Kalahari Peoples Fund by mail
may reach us at the following address:  


Kalahari Peoples Fund

PO Box 7855

University Station

Austin, Texas 78713-7855



Donors will receive receipts of their donation in via mail or e-mail,  respectively, for tax purposes and personal records.  To make a secure online donation via PayPal, please click on the button below.




Thank you for your interest and support!

The 'Music of the Kalahari San'  CD features San healing songs  featuring voices, instruments, and  drums. The CD has 18 tracks and  is 70 minutes in length.


All proceeds are returned to the  San Communities in which the  Kalahari Peoples Fund serves.


$15 plus shipping & handling

Music of the Kalahari San CD
We would also like to thank our corporate and individual sponsors for making it possible for the Kalahari Peoples Fund to assist the communities in the Kalahari.

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