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KPF accepts proposals for community initiated, community driven projects that help secure and support the San peoples rights to health, education, land, language, and livelihood. Each year new projects are proposed and funded. Please read about the current 2024 initiatives of the San people.


Village Schools Project

KPF was the principal founder of the well-known Nyae Nyae Village Schools Project in Namibia. This project provides for the Ju/'hoan San a genuinely alternative challenge to the authoritative national school system they had tried and refused.  Twenty years ago, KPF provided expertise in Ju/'hoansi, a click language of the Kalahari, and knowledge of the Ju/'hoan Bushmen (San) communities to respond to these people's request for a literate form of their language and appropriate schooling to go with it. At present, two subsequent classes of local teachers have been trained to teach the Ju/'hoan language to  students in grades 1-4. This project provides a bridge to English while teaching and respecting traditional knowledge, and has been a pilot for other such projects in Africa.

Nyae Nyae Plant Book

Although Indigenous Peoples comprise only 5% of the world’s population, they safeguard 80% of the planet’s biodiversity. 80%! A group of artists in the Nyae Nyae of Namibia  are creating an illustrated book of indigenous plants. Hand drawn and researched. The authors have been collaborating and not cataloguing the utility and attributes of each plant.  It is wildly beautiful and wildly important. The book should be available for purchase in 2024.

Pictured is the Mangetti Tree.


Hai//om Cultural Heritage

KPF respects and honors Indigenous Peoples' inherent rights and dynamic cultures, deeply and richly interwoven in lands, languages, spiritual traditions, and artistic expression. The Oshivelo Hai//om cultural heritage group  were awarded the honor of Best Cultural Group in the Region for 2022. They perform in the region, continuing a long tradition of dance, song, and healing. KPF supported a small grant for new materials, instruments, and technology.

=Khomani Community Projects

Many indigenous communities walk a tightrope of economic security. The =Khomani San community in SA have organized several projects:

The community is building small tourist houses to support a community based tourism project that generates money and preserves tradition.

A youth soccer league was formed  as a way to help them connect with other Kalahari communities, increase the youth/elder collaboration on the Khomani farms, and give young people a positive activity. Equipment, clothing, and travel costs for the current season was supported through KPF and a highlight was the Easter Soccer Tournament.

khomani tourist house.JPG

Ju/'hoan Transcription and Translation Project

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