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Kalahari Peoples Fund

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Jill Brown

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Kalahari Peoples Fund

P.O. Box 12336

Omaha, Ne, 68122

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Our volunteers respond to requests by the San, Nama, Tyua and other indigenous Kalahari communities to advocate, advise, research and fundraising for emerging situations and much needed community projects. Email us if you are interested.

Advisors and Consultants:

  • Lesley Beake
  • Magdalena Broermann
  • Mathias Guenther
  • Melissa Heckler
  • Willemien LeRoux
  • Barbara Macy
  • Amanda Miller
  • Alan J. Osborn
  • Jiro Tanaka
  • Axel Thoma
  • Polly Wiessner
  • Melinda Kelly

Kalahari Peoples Fund Founders (1973)

  • Irven DeVore
  • Nancy DeVore
  • Patricia Draper
  • Henry Harpending
  • Nancy Howell
  • Richard Katz
  • Melvin Konner
  • Richard Lee
  • John Marshall
  • Lorna Marshall
  • Marjorie Shostak
  • John Yellen
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