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Remembering Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Archbishop Desmond Tutu died Dec. 26, 2021, at age 90. Known to millions of people as South Africa's moral conscience, he chaired that country's pioneering Truth and Reconciliation Commission at the end of Apartheid. The photos attached show the gracious reception "the Arch" gave San attendees of a Kalahari Peoples Network communication skills workshop in Cape Town in 2011, sponsored in part by the Kalahari Peoples Fund. Two filmmakers, one Palestinian, one Israeli, had “miked up" Archbishop Tutu and heard him say to his staff as he headed for the reception room to meet the San: “Come and meet my family.” 


KPF wishes to express loving gratitude for this life so deeply lived and world-changing.

Past News

Readers of KPF's website often have questions about the history of the San people of the Kalahari, how world events are currently affecting them, and how advocacy organizations like ours may be able to aid in their self-determination. This podcast, a recent interview with KPF's Program Director for Land Rights and Governance, Fleming Puckett, addresses these questions engagingly and clearly for a wide general audience. Fleming has multiple degrees and experience in cultural geography, education, and law, all focused on the San people of the African Kalahari, and uses them deftly in this delightfully unpretentious, dignity- and rights-affirming discussion. Foregrounding the resilience and activism of San people today, it outlines what KPF has long stood for and continues to promote. 

New Book Announcement: Indigenous Healing Psychology by Richard Katz, author of The Straight Path to the Spirit and Healing Makes Our Hearts Happy

Available via Healing Arts Press, Indigenous Healing Psychology connects modern psychology to its Indigenous roots to enhance the healing process and psychology itself. Read its extract and reviews.

2015 Article by Jeff Barbee via The Guardian

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